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It would be helpful for those who want to learn the material rather than just learn the questions, if you referenced the material, books, websites, etc. from where the material can be studied. Memorizing answers to questions is only limited in benefit to understanding the material at best. Most the electrical questions are fairly straightforward that a first year student should know who understand Ohm's Law and some trigonometry, but someone without that knowledge would only be memorizing not learning. The FCC rules would be good to reference where this material can be downloaded and or summarized for a better grasp of the why certain rules are in place. Your explanations are helpful here, but it might be advantageous to do some reading before pursuing just potential questions. I see HamStudy as a great followup to first spending some time getting an understanding of the material. Those just looking for a shortcut to get answers will find that here, but memorizing not understanding.

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Comments: 2